Nodes' PUID

Each node in the 3D model should have a PUID (Persistent Unique IDentifier) attribute. This attribute is used to uniquely identify a node. It is for example used during the upload of a new revision of a 3D model, in order to detect changes.

The attribute key used as PUID depends on the file's extension. By default, this is governed by the following rules:

  • Files ending with .3dxml or .3dxml.scene will use the PLM_ExternalID attribute.
  • Files ending with .3docx or .3docx.scene will use the GUIDRef attribute.
  • Other files will use the smartshape.scene.node.uid hidden attribute.

These rules are defined in the server configuration file (/etc/minko/minko.json) with the field filepath_to_puid_attribute_key. This field can be customized for each project.

The matching on the file's extension is case-insensitive. Attention should be paid when naming a file during the conversion to .scene: the original file extension should be kept (.3dxml.scene for a .3dxml file).

November 24, 2022 March 4, 2022