About Live Meetings

Live meeting is a way to collaborate on a 3D model for you and your partners. If you shared a file to another user and you and your collaborator both open it at the same time, you will automatically enter live meeting mode. A list of the users currently viewing the file will then be visible on the top left corner of the screen, with their avatar and a corresponding color.

As many users as you want can connect to the same file at the same time and will all get their own color. In the 3D scene you can then see the position of each user, materialized by their avatar, as well as a representation of their camera in order to see what they are looking at. If someone selects an object in the 3D scene, it will appear selected on everyone else's screen, with the corresponding color.

You will also see in the scene tree which object was selected, highlighted in the color corresponding to the user who selected it.

April 26, 2023 March 27, 2019