About Configurations

When sharing a 3D model, you often want to show your team, clients or service providers specific views and layers of your 3D model, and not the original model as a whole. This allows you to convey the right message and saves a lot of time on project management. Configurations are made just for that.

A configuration is a set of saved parameters affecting what you will see in the 3D scene, such as enabled layers, rendering style, environment or camera position. You can add as many configurations as you want and switch between them.

Any collaborator can create a new configuration or modify it.

Show exactly what you want, when you want, to your specific collaborators and clients in real time. Update your configurations and your client will immediately see the changes.

Discover how to add a new configuration, how to modify and save it and how to delete a configuration.

November 24, 2022 March 27, 2019