Changing the rendering style

Click on the button in the Action bar

You can switch between multiple rendering styles:

  • Realistic: default SmartShape view, with all textures and shades applied
  • Shadeless: shadeless view, with textures
  • Shape: shadeless and texture-less view, emphasising the shape of the model
  • Layers: layer view, color the model according to the different layers
  • Custom: apply user defined rendering styles

Note: when using the Layers or Custom rendering style the modifiers of type Colored and behaviors applying a modifier of type Colored are disabled in order to avoid coloring conflicts.

Click on the :material-settings: button in the Action bar

You can enable the Anti-Aliasing, which blurs the sharp edges of the model for a more realistic look. Be careful, it might hurt performances on low-end computers.

Switching High Quality on will force SmartShape to render the model with all its details. Otherwise, SmartShape will adapt the quality to get the best quality while keeping the framerate high enough.

November 24, 2022 March 27, 2019