Adding a new geodesic distance quotation

  1. Add a new geodesic distance quotation:
    • Open the Quotations panel:
    • Add a new geodesic distance quotation from the bottom bar of the Quotations panel:
  2. Place the first quotation point:
    • Zoom-in to gain precision.
    • Click on the model to place the point.
    • Move the quotation point to adjust its position.
  3. Place the second quotation point:
    • Click on the Add a new quotation point button:
      • The first quotation point will be duplicated.
    • Move the new point to the desired location:
      • Drag the point on the model.
      • Follow the approximate path of the measure.
        • This path will be drawn on the model, until the point is validated.
        • It will only be used to get the geometries of the objects under the path of the measure. Those geometries are required to compute the measure.
        • It will not be used to guide the actual measure.
        • There is no need to be accurate, just make sure to pass over every object that will be measured.
      • If necessary, use multiple steps, zoom and move the camera.
      • You can use the Undo the last quotation point button to reset the point position.
  4. Place another quotation point, or validate the quotation points:
    • You can now add a new quotation point, by repeating the step 3.
    • Or you can validate the quotation points.
    • You can also use the Undo the last quotation point button to delete the last quotation point.
    • Or the Reset the entire quotation button to restart from the first point.
  5. Finalize the quotation:
    • Read the measurements (distance between every quotation points, and total distance).
    • Edit the quotation name, color and unit.
    • Then validate the quotation.

May 2, 2024 May 2, 2024