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Changing the default view

Changing the default view

By default, the camera is positioned slightly above the 3D model, at a 3/4 angle. This is the default view set when the model is loaded and displayed in the thumbnail of the file.

The default view can be changed by setting the following configuration parameters:

  • Autosave camera: saves automatically the camera position after each modification.
  • Save camera: saves the current camera position.
  • Restore camera: moves the camera back to its saved position.
  • Reset to default camera: re-initializes and saves the camera to its default 3/4 view.
  • View modes: three modes are available:
    • Third Person.
    • First Person.
    • Blueprint: this view mode displays the 3D model in a top-down view with an orthographic camera (like when viewing a 2D plan).
  • Up vector: orients the 3D model so the chosen axis ("X+, X-, Y+, Y-, Z+, Z-") faces up.
  • Z Near: a value between 0.01 and 0.1 that represents the minimum distance from the camera from which 3D objects are visible. The "Z Near" distance is always active.
    • When it's small, you can zoom in more on objects before they get "clipped", but there can be visual artifacts appearing on large models.
    • When it's larger, you can zoom in less on objects before they get clipped, but there's no visual artifact when opening large models.
  • Field of View: angle of vision of the camera. Determines the extent of the observable model that is visible on the display. Three options are available:
    • Normal.
    • Wide.
    • Extra Wide.

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